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Simple and intuitive interface

The basic weather parameters are displayed all in the same interface: air temperature, pressure, relative humidity and general weather outlook.

Manual marker to follow the pressure changes

DigiStation works like the good old wall weather station: you set the marker for pressure and it will remember this setting even after quitting the application.

Unlimited number of favorite locations

No tricks, no hidden limits: you can add as many favorite locations as you wish. We are continuously upgrading the list of +4500 available stations, so please check regularly.

Timely updates

The data is updated regularly, and hourly data updates are provided on the best effort.

Global coverage with nearest weather stations locator

You can manually search in the list of available stations, or let DigiStation search for the closest weather station.

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Feedback and Support

Contact - we really appreciate your feedback!

Digitair Servicii Informatice S.R.L., Bucharest, Romania (DigitAIR)
E-mail: digistation[at]digitair[dot]ro

Romanian National Meteorological Institute